Our Practice

We work with patients to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dentistry.

– Dr. Glasper –

Revive Dental’s focus on Comprehensive dental care is seen with the elegant decor of our office as well as the extensive experience of our staff. We look at the entire picture. We treat the whole patient.

Dr. Hazel Glasper, D.D.S., and the staff of Revive Dental provide caring and compassionate oral healthcare to all patients.

Revive Dental is led by Dr. Hazel Glasper, DDS, with assistance from surgeon Dr. Robert Bouffard, DDS.

Our practice performs Preventative Services such as Sealants, Flouride treatment, and Oral hygiene Instructions. Periodontal Services, such as Gingival Contouring, Osseous Surgery, Gingival and Bone Grafts, Scaling and Root Planing and many more services. Restorative Services such as Crowns, Bridges, Composite Bonding, Inlays/Onlays. Cosmetic Services such as Veneers, Whitening, Porcelain Crowns. We offer Specialty services such as Dentures, Root Canal Therapy, Extractions, Invisalign, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Implants among other things.

Tour The Office

At Revive Dental, making our patients feel comfortable is important to us. We have created a warm & welcoming environment where you can feel relaxed and at home. Each of our exam rooms are equipped with the best dental technology available. Our rooms feature special screens for patients to view the pictures and x-rays of their teeth while the dentist discuss their treatment options. We offer minimal wait times and strive to make your entire experience as pleasant as possible.