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Comprehensive Dentistry Is The Only Way I Practice!

Comprehensive Dentistry is a standard of care that every patient should receive and is a principal I have practiced for more than 20 years. More than just an assessment of ones dental health, it is a sequential approach to treatment that involves many factors one of which is understanding your patients medical history before determining treatment options. Likewise, what most patients don’t understand is that your mouth is the gateway to your body and you cannot properly assess your overall health without understanding your current dental condition.

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What Shape Are Your Teeth In?

When I was a dental student, I was once given an assignment to create a tooth out of a block of wax. I spent days refining my creation, carving what I believed looked like an anatomically shaped tooth. I was happy with the finished result; however the instructor was less than pleased with my effort. Having looked at the work of my peers, it was at least encouraging to know we were in the same boat. This impressed upon me a fundamental question in dentistry: do we really know what a tooth should look like?

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